Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Public displays of affection

again i dislike bloggers who have song lyrics all over their blog, but i am allowing for yet another exception (as i can relate to them tremendously)

They’re for all to see
Selfcontained lovers
Welded orally
No run for cover

I’d join in the fun
If I had someone
But it seems I’m undone

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new
I can’t wait for my next rejection
I’m always the first in the queue

Try to hold your soul
But I’ll crush your spirit
Why do I feel so close?
When I can’t get near it

I’m flooded with fear
And it don’t disappear
But I’m still standing here

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new
So conscious of my imperfections
I’ve never lost interest in you

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new
You’re natural overprotection
Leaves me with nothing to do

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new

I’ve got no time for reflection
My service is long overdue

sung by morcheeba

dunno why but it's one of the songs that i like to listen to almost daily, suits all my moods.

enjoy it

we are continually looking/sriving for love/being with someone and for some reason i am always aware that eventually it will all go wrong, or you will get married

i don't want to get married, i have made my decision.

i might sound childish, or someone may say "oh, kareem you're young, wait and you'll find someone good for you", i might find someone good for me but not perfect, not that i am a perfection chaser but in the end i am a very complex, highly emotional yet extremly detached (the detachment comes as a self defense mechanism) person, and i doubt that the near impossible task of finding a next-to-perfect match is gonna be more work than the reward of finding them, cuz in the end it all fizzles out when your loves ceases to be new. ( nope i'll choose selfish/incapable of love, please)

PLUS people change, that's a given, everybody will tell you that people change so why bother searching for someone that in a few years ( after you change) won't be that appealing to you anymore

maybe that's the reason behind the "new love" phrase

maybe the real reason people either break up or stay only for the kids/ old times sake is that the fact that they have changed, they just don't know it

i haven't found a couple that i envy till now, 90% of the cases i feel sorry for, the other 10 percent i feel happy for but yet wouldn't want what they have. is it just me? am i emotionally crippled in that sense? or am i the only sane one?

okay give me one good, successful, envy-worthy couple and i'll show you a couple full of shit or lies or both

i'm gonna finish writting for tonite, cuz i am on the border of typing gibberish and blahblahbloooos (i'm starting to get worked up/angry) obviously it's a topic i feel strongly about

and you all thought this was another silly lyrics post, i thought so too


johny bravo said...

imta katabt kol da ya Kareem, i just went out from ur blog minutes ago to pick a call & came back to find that long deep post,,eih yabny.
hmm, so u don't wanna marry & ur so much fuled with angry & tensed feelings now,so much identified with the strong rebellious lyrics.I feel there's a reason/story behind tht feeling Kareem,,what's up?? open up Kareem.
P.S.:"u cant find near-to impossible perfect match,,ma 2olna my sis is a crazy cancerian like u:P

Cup of Malice said...

We have much to discuss my friend...

still breathing said...

who is nagging u to get married?

& hey! why compare urself with other ppl!!!

if no1 can have a happy fairy-tale with their partners, that's not an indication or even a potential suggestion that it's not possible!

KareemFromEgypt said...

raghood: maybe i should go for it, what is she doing next weekend? wala lessa 3andaha exams? i really doubt that what i need is a 24th of june, crzay cancerian (double the trouble)

COM: noted and in the process, i'm on the way man

Walaa: it's not nagging but i see it in my mother's eyes ( the whole 3o2balko yawlaad) and it's not comparing, it's learning from others mistakes ya still scary

Alluring said...

oh ya koko i fully understand what you mean.
I been there till I met my FIANCE (still using captial letters) i always looked at couples and thought: damn! I don't want that, whether it was their huge fights, or the total loss of identity, or the children, or the finance or sometimes the infedility!
I enjoyed my freedom, i'd date, but i wont get hitched, for me it was like wam bam thank you maam!

Believe you me, it will strike you just like it did me, BUT i entered my current relationship fully concious of what im getting into, it won't always be peachy, he won't always believe that i'm the prettiest girl on earth like he does now, routine will kick in, ups and downs, the mingling of two identities.

My exposure to other couples made me learn many things, and so will you.

You will just know when ms. right comes along, it might be tomorrow, it might be a year from now, but eventually it will.

One last piece of advice from your friend here: NEVER say never! ;)

Cleopatrina said...

Frankly, it is ur fault.Ur not emotionally incapacitated etc..u just cant figure out what u easier way out is to compare urself to other couples who however different still dont represent ALL the couples in the world.Marriage is not "ada2 wageb" and i quote walaa "whos nagging u".Its not merely a means of procreation or to please ur highness.Remember, theres a point to our lives, every single one of us even if we dont realize it just yet.We dont live to get married or love the lover we hebeeko hebby.Love is what gives life flavor, which makes ur journey as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.Find ur message,why ur still alive..ur mission is left unfinished so is ours, thats why its not our time yet.we dont live for love, we love to live happily, while we focus.its a means not an objective

Now, turning to u finding Madam Right hanem,its not ur choice..nor hers..thats the beauty of it.Alluring said it strikes u kidda outta the blue.akeed.Nevertheless(been ages since i used the word lol)ur major problem is that u dont know what u really want.ur lookin for what people want and it depresses u that it doesnt work for u..thats why people r born err "different"

another thing,we all change, one thing we agree about, however the bond we call marriage is about 2 pillars holding up the same foundation.One of concrete, one of steel, theres never Gold, but u learn how steel may work in wonderous ways to please u.i.e.theres always the common objective that binds them.surprisingly, that fortifies their bond, its not a matter of just "having to be together" as we unexperienced might interpret, its acting as mind, one soul.
No perverso, its not about sex now loool..i meant metaphorically speaking..
Patience,"inna allah ma3a alsabereen itha sabaroo". So work on urself first.we oltelak el bet ro2aya zay el follaly(inside joke)

p.s lyrics translation r ready

johny bravo said...

Kareem,i don't think also tht 24th june is the best in ur mood now.double clahses & stress,go for other calm ones like pieces or so:)
u didnt tell me bardo wht brought all that now?

Crazy Girl said...

Hmmm kinda reminds me of me.. I always told my father "Why the hell should I get married? So I can be like you and mom or your brothers and sister?" He would get so mad. I never ever thought about marriage I guess thats why I settled for Ayman. I kinda figured no matter who I marry it's just gonna go to shit.

Now I kinda see that maybe the problem is people force things instead of letting them happen naturally.

I stopped saying I'm not going to get married I just figured if it's meant to happen I will somehow know it will happen.

I haven't had many relationships because I don't deal with hurt well so I stay away from people.

Kareem don't stress about it..

I have a question though. How can someone find a perfect match if we ourselves are not perfect?

Anonymous said...

I liked your post today, something caught my eye, the point you made saying and I quote "we are continually looking/striving for love/being with someone.." e.t.c. That is a true fact I have to agree, but that's only natural as our species is bound by our ancestral instincts of being social animals like many others such as chimpanzees, african wild dogs or ants even. But unlike those animals we have an extra instinct or desire I should really call it and that is "selfishness" if we look at ourselves realistically we are all selfish but in different levels and degrees. So the question isn't "How much love do you have for the person you are with (or searching for)?" but rather "How successful are you in luring your victim to give you love and in turn satisfy you to the point that you'll end up together for many years to come?" We are all takers, but some of us are givers, and it's basic; find someone who is willing to give you as much as you can take to the point that you would spill over like an overflowed glass of milk and give the extra spillage back, letting the other party think that he/she is recieving that same love where in actual fact they are just getting back what you can't handle.

Ok, I admit having something under the influence, but I'm not going back to review what I wrote, cause I'd either go insane or not understand it cause it comes to me once. So take it like it is.

Cup of Malice said...

Gag! Choke! Hack!

Give me a break, all of you (Sam can step to this side of the line).

Okay, I realise that this may be a subject that must be hashed to death by the societally frustrated consumers of mills and boon products out there but honestly, who gives a rat's danglies?

Love, lust, boredom with a testosterone / estrogen edge... what's the difference. Yes, society has mandated that we cannot morally hop into the sack with people without the paperwork, fine.

Yes, humans are social animals and need companionship, agreed. Couple this with the ubiqtuous hormones and we have lonliness (first four letters can easily be substituted).

K, I swear upon the shoelaces of odin, one word on this topic when I see you and your parents will be looking to set you up with a nice guy.


KareemFromEgypt said...

LOLO: "eventually it will" what if i don't want to?
p.s i'm expecting an appology from you when things go FUBAR with the Fiance/future husband

Cleopatrina: "but u learn how steel may work in wonderous ways to please u" hmmm... i'm gonna let it go this time, send me the translation 3al email bleeez
p.s it's always about the sex, cuz that's how it starts, you might make a decision inspite of sex, but trust me it has to start with sex

raghood: pieces doal ay kalaam ma3 kol e7teramy, both my sis and my best friend (S) are pieces and they both drive me up the wall, if you have a fiery scorpio then now you're talking.

Jazz: that's not just why you settled for ayman, it's why the majority of ppl settle.
the only way to deal with hurt is to get used to it (not good for the soul but effective, get rid of that annoying bit anyway)
i never said i wanted someone who's perfect for everybody, just perfect for me, it's like spanish mozza said it works even better if you're the only one who thinks they're perfect. anybody can be perfect in the eyes of someone STUPID enough. it's like the song goes "EVEN HITLER HAD A GIRLFRIEND" she must have seen something good in him, couldn't be just the moustache and the world domination ya3ni

Sam: interesting theory, i like it (spillage and all)

COM: someone needs his purple pills asshole, or where they yellow? calm down, there's always ways to rehash an old topic, it's not about marriage bas ya fahd, it's about people believing in the whole "i want to spend my lifetime loving you" bullshite

Hanouma said...

look dear friend( i feel really that we r true friends and i dunno why).

any way i totally agree with Alluring, she is right if it is written above that u'll get married so u will when the right woman comes even if she is not ms perfect. last night i had a chat with my husband about the ideal girl he was dreamin of marry her( not the look but the personality) and by the way i'm the opposite of everything he wanted and he told me that when we met he found out that he needs someone to complete him and that was me.

and by the way too we both of us didn't want to marry, all his family was anxious to c the girl who made him change his mind even his aunts not only his sisters. and his sisters were surprised coz i didn't look a like any girl he dated b4 they were all petite, blond but i'm tall ( was brunette).

we do have our ups and downs, we fight a lot ( like any other couple) we have a lot of problems but at the end we find that we need each other, we r somehow happy being together, having a little lovely daughter. when u pass ure thirties u find that u need something or someone to live for not work. u'll need to settle more with some one, only one not a relation every now and then.

any way it's to early to say never now, let's wait till u get 35 years and we'll talk again.

Anonymous said...

hehe cup of malice :)

still breathing said...

thx god that's ur defintion of "perfection"
yb2a '7las guaranteed that u'd find sm1 perfect isA :)

btw, feen el TAG?

Alluring said...

Why do you expect an apology ya koko, I dont get it :(
and what's FUBAR?

Eh da, why does everyone expect an apology from me these days? :(

But to answer your question, things doesn't always work as we want to ya koko, EVEN if you don't want it to happen, Ms. right will show up out of the blue and you'll find yourself agreeing and me ;)

KareemFromEgypt said...

FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

as for the appology in the sense of me being right and you being wrong. (only time can prove that)

Alluring said...

But trust me, things won't go FUBAR with the FIANCE, he's my soul mate, so we'll see who will apologize to who ya koko ;)

MechanicalCrowds said...

Everybody goes through that phase... but some never get out...

You don't get married just to get "married"... You get married because you wanna be with the girl. (i think)

KareemFromEgypt said...

you think correctly, only a girl (one that you can't be with otherwise) can convince a male to get married

KareemFromEgypt said...

provided you can actually find someone you like let alone love

zeinab said...

i dont know about marriage, but PDA can get annoying some times, i mean yeah its cute and all, new love we bta3, the beginnings of a budding amour and all the lovey dovey crap, bas, khalas ba2a, get a room, ana zamby eh. sorry, just ranting, hot blog.

the cramp twins said...

I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to get married. I don't want that, too. People just don't believe me and they think that I'm just saying this now but I'll end up getting married like most of the population does. I've been having this opinion since I was 14 and I'm not gonna change it. Besides all egyptian guys (no offense)are either total airhead or "si el sayed" and the interesting ones are taken or are just not my type. But don't listen to me I'm just 18 so there's still a looong way to go for me. Neways people think I have commitment issues so what the hell... gooo get married heheh.

the cramp twins said...

oh Its Lucien btw

KareemFromEgypt said...

well lucien, all the men who happen to be egyptian are either

a) total airheads
b) si el sayed
c) interesting but taken
d) not your type

it seems to me from what you wrote is that your type is taken guys.

no wonder your not enjoying this, but beware of being too choosy, i speak from experience when i tell you that as you grow older you start becoming less flexible so where does that leave you? test things out and see where they take you, you never know u might find out something that you didn't knew you liked in the first place, you got my point? as you grow older they are gonna be more taken and less your type than ever.

glad you liked the blog, am gonna check yours i promise, but right now i need to go